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Underwrite A Show

Underwriting a Production

Many people do not realize the expenses associated with each production that takes the Plaza stage. Performance rights, costumes, props, music and other needs can cost $3,000 to $10,000 per production. We rely on the generous support of local individuals and businesses to help us defray these costs, and underwriting a show provides benefits to the donors as well. 

How much does it cost to underwrite a production? Underwriting a show varies based on the cost of the show rights, music, costumes and set production. Contact the Plaza office details on underwriting a specific production.

How will the money be used? You will help us secure performance rights and pay for sets costumes and other production expenses.

What if I can’t afford to underwrite a production by myself? Can I still help support the theatre by being an underwriter? Yes, two or more underwriters may jointly support a production.

What do I receive in return? In addition to tax benefits,

You’ll be listed above the title of the production on this web site as well as on posters and playbills; in newspaper advertisements and articles in regional media; and on t-shirts (if the production elects to have one).  The usual format would be:

The Plaza Theatre, Inc.
on Monterey Square in Wharton, Texas
and You, Our Generous Underwriter
Title of Production

If you underwrite one of the plays, you’ll receive 30 tickets if the production is a musical or 20 tickets if it is a non-musical. You may use these tickets any way you wish (invite friends, family, business associates, employees, clients . . . ).
You’ll also receive a full page advertisement on the back of the playbill. If you do not have a business to advertise, you might want to honor a relative or friend or your favorite charity. (Honorees must be approved by the theatre’s board of directors.)
No matter which type of production you underwrite, you’ll receive reserved seats to the performance of your choice.

The Plaza Theatre, Inc., is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, so contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by United States Tax Code.

For more information on underwriting a production at the Plaza, contact us.

The Plaza Theatre, Inc.
A 501(c)3 Organization


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