Bob Wallace – (mid 30’s to early 40’s) – A major singing star, Bob is the guiding force behind the song and dance team of Wallace and Davis. He wears his fame easily, but has some trouble with social and romantic interactions. Despite occasional gruffness, he is a deeply kind and principled man who is searching for true love.

Excellent singer with a crooning style who moves very well. Tap and Jazz. Baritone.

Phil Davis – (mid 30’s to early 40‘s) – The fun-loving song-and-dance partner of the team Wallace and Davis. An irrepressible clown, operator, and incorrigible ladies’ man who is determined to see his friend happy, even if it requires scheming and outright deception. He has a boyish charm and sex appeal. Strong ballroom, jazz and tap-dancing needed. Baritone-tenor.

Betty Haynes – (mid-20’s to late 30’s) – Sensible, responsible half of the Haynes sisters act. Classic elegance. Destined to be a star, but hesitant to take the spotlight. Devoted to her sister. Hides a yearning for true love under a protective shell. Female singer of quiet beauty and charm with a rich chest mix and soprano extension. Must move well.

Judy Haynes – (mid-20’s to mid 30’s) – Younger, more ambitious and slightly scheming other sister. Wholesome and adorable, sexy and flirty. Strong jazz and tap dancer. Strong singer with a chest mix.

General Henry Waverly – (late 50’s to mid 60’s) – Retired Army general with a curmudgeonly military exterior, adjusting to retired life in post WW II America. Precise and orderly, struggling to run the Inn in Vermont. A man of integrity. Underneath a warm compassionate man in need of family and love. With the exception of one line, can be non-singing role.

Martha Watson – (late 40’s to mid-60’s) – Once a Broadway star, now the General’s housekeeper. The true force behind running the Inn. Very dry wit and frank with a wisecracking sense of humor. Big hearted, but unsentimental. Irrepressible meddler, believing she acts on everyone’s best behalf. Strong singer and mover, Broadway belter.

Susan Waverly – (young girl 9 to 12 to play 9 years old) – The General’s granddaughter. Lovable and outgoing. A bit precocious, but wise beyond her years. Gets bitten by the stage bug and is great at it. Excellent belt voice, must move very well.

Ralph Sheldrake – (mid 30’s to early 40’s) – Jokester Army buddy of Bob and Phil’s, now a major television executive. Fast talking, loud, brash New York professional with a good head on his shoulders.

Rita and Rhoda – (mid 20’s to early 30’s) – Bob and Phil’s two star chorus showgirls. Brash, sexy and fun. Perhaps not the brightest.

Ezekiel Foster – (mid 40’s to late 50’s) – Practical, the ultimate laid back New Englander. A man of few words. Caretaker at the Inn. Takes life at a very very leisurely pace.

Mike –(mid 20’s to late 30’s) – Bob and Phil’s Stage Manager. Can be overly dramatic and often hysterical, but gets the job done. Works to attempt a sense of control and order for the company. Doubles as Mr. Snoring Man, WInter Tourist

Tessie – (late 20’s to 30’s) Young Character woman to play Bob and Phil’s secretary, also plays Head Seamstress and Mrs. Snoring Man, winter tourist. Mezzo-soprano, belter.

Male and Female Ensemble of Dancers – (early 20’s to mid 30’s) to play assorted speaking roles as well as being a strong singing ensemble. Strong in Ballroom, Jazz and Tap. Dance style is 1950’s Hollywood movie musical style.

Four Band Singers, Backup vocalists seated onstage – 2 men, 2 women. Excellent singers who move well and can handle tight harmonies of the period.