🎬 🎥 🎭 CAST LIST ANNOUNCEMENT! We have chosen our cast for Annie JR. The positions have been filled as follows.

Congratulations to everyone chosen! Read more about our Litefooter Youth Workshop & Production, view the rehearsal schedule on our website.

Annie – Harper Hubenak
Warbucks – Ayden Richardson
Grace Farrell – Kella Beyer
Miss Hannigan – Sophia Perez/ Hannah Punnell
Rooster – Jaylin Hawkins
Lily – Maci Bolletino
Star to Be – Reagan Dutcher/ Isabella Sanchez
Drake – Aidan Meek
Mrs. Greer – Jolie Konarik
Mrs. Pugh – Faith Ruley
Annete – Paislyn Drapela
Molly – Joy Roberson
Tessie – Jursi Workman
July – Amber Ruley
Duffy – EmmaLee Marin
Kate – Karis Roberson
Pepper – Brodee Baker
Bundles McCloskey – Mason Sabrusula
Apple Seller – Mallory Mahalitc
Bert Healy – Phillip Grier
The Dogcatcher – Nic Gilley
Officer Ward – Phillip Grier
Chauffer – Noah Hernandez
Usher – Duncan Cockrell
President Franklin D. Roosevelt – Mason Sabrusula
Louis Howe – Ben Kacer
Additional Orphans – Brooklyn Kacer, Ella Gutenberger, Ella Eilts
Additional Servants/Pedestrians – Judah Roberson, Delaney Kocian, Kamryn Rodriguez, Kaelyn Cordero, Kayla Mendoza, Ben Kacer

Roxy Gilley, Kelsey Rodriquez, Makayla Bard, Hailey Marin, Jayden Clark, Emma Beyer

Now that the cast is in place, we can get to work on putting together a great play for you! Don’t miss it! 🤩 👉 Coming June 23-26! 👈